There’s Nothing Left

Eyes gazing upwards, beseeching, begging, willing, urging…

But there’s only silence.

The voices died a long time ago. They were never listening anyway. Their faces just twitched and contorted as they grimaced and chuckled, too distracted by their own ruminations. 

But there’s always hope. There was always hope. Even if the voices abandoned the eyes, there’s should still be motivation.

Unrestrained release.

Not allowed.

There’s no need for that.





The eyes know what they want but they only see. They can feel, that can’t feel. Can they?

There’s a journey I need to take. But where would I go? Where would I go? 

Give up. 

That’s not an option.



We deserve ourselves. Ourselves? Our choices. Our options. Too many options.

That was never something the eyes knew about. The mouth just wanted to babble. The voices poured forth like a waterfall rampant.

Out of control.



Past problems. Dark issues. Concerning troubles. Face your issues.





There’s nothing left. But maybe there’s hope behind the curtain.

All I hear are the voices, chattering, their volume rising to a full roar. The eyes have it. The eyes have it.

No one understands.

There’s nothing left.

But there’s hope. On the horizon.



Is there harmony? Am I here? There? Inspire me.

The eyes are sensing the world about. The life that beats in the veins of earth. The voices are guiding me.

They don’t listen. They don’t know the secret.

There’s nothing left. 


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