There’s Nothing Like You

Craving you.

That’s all.

Your invisible smile.

Your imaginary body.

Your see through heart.

What kind of inspiration would it take to materialize you? To what end would patience expend itself before you would appear, opaque, existent?

Craving you.

Craving you.

Sounds like a song.

A long lost dream.

A faraway memory.

Is it insanity to want what doesn’t exist? If at times there are standards for any mortal to aspire to then that’s what it is. A dream.

Just a dream.

A feeling.

A desire.

No matter how much I get…

Craving you…

In all fairness, they say you can’t hold a body to the same morals you hold yourself to. Why? Shouldn’t every tower try to stretch as high as it can? Even if it is only two feet tall?

We should.





Want to be the best we could be. Somewhere along that forked line someone lost their way and others followed. Somehow, being the very best was going too far and being good enough was too much.

The fence.

Now, everyone’s trying to get over.

Some need help. They don’t get it. Some do.

Some help others over. Sometimes they make it. Sometimes they don’t.

Most of them…

Just sitting on this side, waiting for nothing, no trying.

Falling short of the mark.



All the very best got over. Only the very best get over.


They aren’t on the side where reality seems to pervade the minds of those sitting on their rears contemplating never trying.

To those thinkers, the ones who got over…


There’s no way. It’s a lie. They can’t exist.


That’s why you don’t exist. The very best is going too far. Good enough is asking too much.


There’s nothing like you.




Get over that fence one day.

For me.

For us.

I need you.

I’m lonely.



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